About us


We have built our reputation as a reliable partner, respected for our integrity, our pragmatism and the quality of our work, on a simple principle: dialogue. Whether working with public authorities, companies or individuals, we believe that dialogue forges trust and is the ultimate demonstration of dedication. Our commitment to designing ideal solutions through in depth dialogue is borne by every member of the team and upheld in particular by each partner of the practice.

Anchored in Geneva, but open to the world, we design, renovate and transform. Translating your ideas and requirements into architecture.


Dialogue and listening

Understanding your aspirations, your needs, your context - that is our role as an architect. This is why our approach focuses above all on the exchange of ideas, through sharing and consultation. We listen attentively and know how to adapt, even going as far as changing our concept if we believe this is the way to achieve, with and for you, a result that goes beyond expectations. A result that delights you.

Pragmatism and realism

In line with our times, we advocate a contemporary but realistic style of architecture, that takes into account the site, the environment and the resources available. We take pride in adhering to the announced costs and deadlines and complying with the constraints and requirements of a construction site. Above all, we always endeavour to come to you with smart ideas.

Creativity and transmission 

Our passion for our profession drives us also to pass on our knowledge and savoir-faire to the next generation. We are constantly seeking to improve, by giving ourselves the technical and technological means to progress, or by participating in architectural bids and RFPs. It’s the ideal way to keep our imagination sharp and our creativity flowing.

Rather than imposing a vision on you, we seek to understand how to invent and reinvent a space to fit your idea.

A whole range of know-how at your disposal to turn your ideas into reality

Our expertise

An experience marked by a century of achievements

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