CA next bank new headquarters


Types of mandate

Project ans execution


Project : 2019
Building permit : may 2019
Construction site timeline : june to september 2019

Technical Informations

82 m2


Lancy - Esplanade de Pont-Rouge


J. Leresche, V. Angiolini, J. Armengol, L. Paladin


In response to changes in the financial industry and new customer needs, Crédit Agricole's retail branch in Switzerland changed its name in 2017 and became CA next bank. This operation involved a global overhaul of the brand identity, requiring an in-depth (re)design of all branches. The de Planta practice was proud to win the tender for the design of the bank's new head office at the Esplanade Pont-Rouge. Our concept was fundamentally inspired by the new positioning of the company - dynamic, connected and close to its clients - but also by the desire to transform the usual approach of enclosed spaces, by favouring an open and welcoming environment. The presence of curves and the use of “warm” materials allowed us to create an atmosphere reminiscent of a tree and its springtime buds. The choice of oak symbolically conveys the solidity of the parent company. A whole flowering of niches and alcoves evokes the dynamism of its Swiss branch. The idea is for this design to serve as a model to be applied in the medium term in other agencies around the country.