Bank Raiffeisen - Transformation of the agency Nyon - La Vallée


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Full SIA services in association with Bloomint Design


Project January 2020

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Nyon - Avenue Alfred Corto


V. Angiolini, V. Rossignol

In Nyon, Raiffeisen makes you feel at home

True to its mutualist origins, Banque Raffeisen likes to entrust the realisation of its architectural projects to local players. That's why the de Planta office was invited to take part in a call for tenders with other architects from Geneva and Vaud
to design a new branch in Nyon. Modular and timeless, the project imagined by our team in association with the Bloomint design agency caught the attention of the bank's management, which decided to build it. In an open space that plays
on soft materials, our concept was built on the reversal of universes. Our aim was to give customers the impression
of meeting their advisor in their own home, as if the advisor were visiting them. This feeling is further enhanced by
the many options for converting the space into a private lounge, conference area or workplace.